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An initial consultation will need to take place so that we can meet with you and discuss your wants and needs for your new kitchen or bath. Our Professional team take the time to get to know you, your likes, dislikes, needs, and desires so they can design exactly what you want. They take the time to walk you through our showroom and show you different options that are available to you for cabinetry, materials, fixtures, door styles, countertops, and other accessories. This consultation is completely free and it is meant to develop a working relationship between our team and our clients.


Step 1 Consultation


The next step in your custom design is the actual design phase. In this phase the Innovative Kitchen Design creative designer that has taken on your project will visit your home. They will take on site measurements of the space and together with your ideas from the consultation phase, we will be able to present to you 3D renderings of what your desired kitchen will look like once it is completed. At this time, you can also discuss with your designer about any changes that you want to make to your project.

We start with Kitchen Drawings for your Renovation

We then render the Renovation Drawings into a model

And then add the textures and design in 3d


The final step of the process for your custom kitchen design is the installation phase. Our expert installers will work alongside the designer through this build phase. We will begin the safe and calculated demolition of your old kitchen, clean out the debris, and begin bringing in the materials that will be needed for the construction. Your designer will visit your home and be available to you during this process to ensure that everything is running smoothly and to address any questions or concerns. The end goal is to have a client that is not only satisfied but overjoyed with their new kitchen or bath and they will be vigilant during the entire process to make sure that happens.


Step 3 - Installation

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