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During the initial consultation, we meet with you to discuss your kitchen design. Our designers will get a feel of your likes, dislikes, needs and desires and will outline the range of possibilities available and help you explore the potential for your home kitchen and bathroom space. During your visit you will have the opportunity to browse our showroom with your designer to choose your desired cabinet line, door style, explore countertop options, Cabinet hardware and accessories. This consultation is completely free. Our goal is to create the perfect space which is achieved through a client/designer partnership.

Step 1 Consultation


An appointment is made for our designer to do an onsite visit to take any measurements required for your kitchen/bathroom area. From there our designer will be able to create and present to you a design that will incorporate your must have wants and will include floor plans, elevations and 3D renderings to help you in your decision. This is an exciting step in the design process because this is when your vision starts to come to life. What was once an idea or dream is now a possibility. By reviewing your drawings you will be able to visualize what your cabinetry will look like, where your appliances will be installed and even where your cooking utensils, dishware and pots and pans will go. You will then discuss any potential changes you wish to make. This is the perfect chance to refine any details that require additional tweaks and to ensure that you are happy with all aspects of your Kitchen design.

We start with Kitchen Drawings for your Renovation

We then render the Renovation Drawings into a model

And then add the textures and design in 3d


Now your design elements are ready for expert installation. Our experienced installers will remain in close contact with your designer throughout the installation process, to ensure installation moves forward smoothly. The designer will also visit the home on occasion to inspect the installers work and compare with the layout plans.

Step 3 - Installation

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