9 06, 2019

Spring Renovations – New Kitchen?

2019-06-09T11:33:13-04:00June 9th, 2019|

Spring Has Arrived in the Niagara Kitchen or Bath Remodel Time? Finally, some warmer weather! After weeks of cool weather and rainy days, it appears that the Niagara is now heating up - Spring has officially arrived. Spring is a time for renewal, light and energy. This is why many of us engage [...]

20 05, 2019

Eight (8) Types of Kitchen Faucets

2019-05-20T18:37:04-04:00May 20th, 2019|

8 Popular Kitchen Sink Taps A kitchen sink can provide you with a great spot for preparing food, washing dishes, filling pots and more. The sink is integral to the kitchen; just as important as kitchen lighting and appliances. There are amazing faucets you can choose from these days, including high tech options. [...]

4 05, 2019

Mother’s Day: The Ultimate Gift

2019-05-04T12:42:26-04:00May 4th, 2019|

The Ultimate Mother's Day GiftMothers are the backbone of life. Yours may be your biological mother, or maybe she's your mother-in-law, or simply someone whose motherly instinct has helped you through life's hard times.This Mother's Day, show your Mom how special she is with something new in the kitchen, or perhaps an entire new [...]

20 04, 2019

Your Kitchen is an Investment

2019-04-14T18:32:04-04:00April 20th, 2019|

Best bang for your buck - kitchen renovation. The most important room. Most real estate and renovations experts agree a kitchen is key to improving a home's value. If a seller has only enough money to renovate one room, the kitchen is the room to pick. Kitchens are the focal point of almost [...]

4 04, 2019

Backsplashes 101

2019-04-04T14:54:36-04:00April 4th, 2019|

Kitchen Backsplashes The primary purpose of a kitchen backsplash is to protect the wall from liquids, usually water. But it also serves as the decor focal point after your kitchen renovation. It defines the style of your work area, radiating your personality and reflecting the mood and feel of your cooking [...]

17 03, 2019

Popular Hardware Options

2019-03-17T11:33:47-04:00March 17th, 2019|

Shaker cabinets? Check out these popular hardware options. Shaker cabinets offer a simple and traditional design. Versatility is a large part of what makes them so timeless. Ultimately, you achieve the vibe you’re going for through the finishing touches, one of those being the hardware you choose. We’ve selected some of the top [...]

7 03, 2019

A Look At 12 Kitchen Sink Types

2019-03-07T16:43:34-04:00March 7th, 2019|

Looking to upgrade your kitchen sink? Whether you're looking to add the finishing touches on your kitchen remodel or have picked up a newfound love for cooking and need a more capable workspace, there are many reasons to update your sink. We have compiled a list of 12 types of kitchen sinks ranging between [...]

19 02, 2019

All About Quartz Countertops

2019-02-19T14:22:19-04:00February 19th, 2019|

Quartz Countertops Made from one of the hardest minerals on earth, quartz countertops are arguably the most durable option for kitchens. They're also some of the most eye-catching. They come in a wide variety of colors, including fire-engine red and apple green, as well as earthy browns, blacks, and [...]

5 02, 2019

Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

2019-02-05T15:55:04-04:00February 5th, 2019|

Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors And The Styles That Work Well Kitchen cabinets with glass doors are pretty tricky. You either love them or you hate them. It’s easy to dismiss the option based on nothing but an association with a style that you don’t like but don’t generalize the look. Glass kitchen cabinet [...]

21 01, 2019

10 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles

2019-01-21T16:39:19-04:00January 21st, 2019|

10 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles Don’t let your cabinet doors be an afterthought when it comes to renovating your kitchen – this is an often made design mistake. Your cabinet doors are going to be a crucial element in elevating your kitchen from the merely nice, to the spectacular. They will take [...]

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