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Designing a new room in your home is one thing, but deciding on how to decorate that room when it is finished is a whole other monster in itself. If you have a room in your home that you have recently renovated, or Innovative Kitchen Design has renovated it for you, and you are looking for a professional designer to help you decorate your new space, then we can help! Our designers at Innovative Kitchen Design come from interior design backgrounds, and we can implement design plans for your new space after we renovate it. Our interior design services are especially helpful for people who have the renovation skills, but lack the design vision to make their new room look how they want. Read on for information about how using an interior decorator from Innovative Kitchen Design can help bring together your new room.

Designing, redesigning, or renovating an interior space often involves a significant investment of time, money, and effort. Hiring a professional interior designer is the best way to ensure you get value for your investment.


Planning is an essential step in any project! We work closely with our clients during the planning phase to capture your vision and ideas and then set them out on paper. Transforming 2D floor plans and drawings into the construction of a 3D space requires a lot of skill, and it can be hard to visualize what your end result will look like. That’s why we use 3D rendering in the planning phase, with this tool we can make changes to the design before construction begins. We can also show you what home decor in St. Catharines would look nice in your new space.

What will a designer from Innovative Kitchen Design do for my newly renovated space?

An interior designer creates indoor spaces that satisfy the client’s needs for aesthetics, safety and function. Through the use of furniture placement, colour palettes, decorations and functional decor, he or she will create kitchens that are beautiful yet functional and theatre entrances that convey the excitement of a blockbuster film while ensuring crowd safety. Elements such as artwork, lighting, window treatments and flooring must work together to contribute to an overall look that will satisfy the client’s needs.

For more information about using a designer from Innovative Kitchen Design for your home decor in St. Catharines please feel free to continue browsing through our website. We can be reached at 905-641-8888 or by filling out our contact form.

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